Provide Treatment and Surgeries

  • During the mission the doctors can provide eye medications to patients that have any number of acute or chronic conditions such as bacterial, fungal, viral and inflammatory complaints.
  • If surgery is required to treat a patient’s glaucoma or cataracts then the volunteer ophthalmologist at the mission is set up in a sterile environment in order to perform these procedures.
  • After a volunteer optometrist determines the glasses prescription, a volunteer optician will help the patient choose from the glasses available at the mission.
  • Eyes for the World  gets the glasses through donations of used glasses, through Rotary Clubs around the US and Canada. Additional eyeglasses are donated via VisionPros to supplement  the eyeglasses supply to ensure each mission has enough glasses to make each mission successful.

Mother with her baby getting first pair of glasses
Young boy showing gratitude for new glasses

Comprehensive Eye Exams & Prescription Eyeglasses

A comprehensive eye exam includes the following tests:

  • Visual acuity tests measure the sharpness of your vision.
  • Cover test checks to see how your eyes work together.
  • Retinoscopy is a test used to obtain an approximation of your eyeglasses prescription.
  • Slit-Lamp examination allows the doctor to examine the health of the anterior and posterior segments of the eyes.
  • Tonometry measures the pressure inside your eyes.