In 2001, Dr. Jessy Manhas and Dr. Diane Spada began volunteering their optometry skills, expertise, and time on medical missions mainly in Central America.  During their many missions in Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador, their passion for bringing clarity of eyesight to developing countries grew and grew.  In recent years, they began to plan and organize a charity of their own (Eyes For The World) so they could reach even more people in need.  Throughout this time, they have continued to volunteer on other missions and have had fellow optometrist Dr. Jason Lau join them.

In 2016, the dream came true and Eyes for the World officially came to life.  At this point in time, Eyes for the World has traveled to El Salvador and Jamaica with a trip to Ghana planned for November 2017.  The charity has already expanded their missions to provide more than just eyecare.  Water filters are also now provided to families which can provide clean water for a family of four for 10 years.  The doctors realized that many of the diseases they were treating in these countries were caused by water born bacteria and parasites.  These gravity fed water filters eliminate this problem at the source.  

We will continue traveling to more countries bringing the gift of eye care and good health to those in need.