About the Charity

Charity Team Members in El Salvador 2016

Eyes for the World began with two passionate optometrists working on general medical missions to treat preventable eye diseases in developing countries. The charity has now grown to host a couple eye missions every year as well as volunteering optometry expertise to general medical missions.

Our Missions

Dr. Diane Spada with patient El Salvador 2016

On each mission Eyes for the World brings clarity of sight to hundreds in only a few days. After being treated, the impact is priceless as it allows for adults to work effectively, children to be able to see in school, and prevents some from going completely blind.

Our Team

Team members El Salvador 2016

We have a wonderful team and Board of Directors that works hard to make Eyes for the World a success. Our team for each mission varies greatly as we allow volunteers to join our core group of doctors and work closely with local volunteers in each country.